Bootscout is a WordPress theme designed for Scout websites in the UK. It is free to use and open source. Bootscout is inline with the scout brand guidelines released in July 2018.

If you use this theme on your scout website please leave ‘Powered by Bootscout’ in the footer.


  • On brand styling as detailed in the UK scouts brand guidelines including correct colours and fonts.
  • Sidebar-widget-area and footer-widget-area. These areas will be present if widget are added to the areas. The sidebar can also be disabled in theme options.
  • Banner images are present on all pages and added by selecting a featured image when editing a page or post.
  • Contact page template can be used to link your contact page to the sites footer. Only one page should have this template at any one time to benefit from the contact page link.
  • Site logo can be added and displayed in the navigation bar.
  • WordPress 5 support


Bootscout is using the MIT license and is currently on version 1.2.2 which can be found here. New development can be found on its GitHub project page where you can also raise issues and make feature requests. This project is currently in beta and thus you should expect some problems to exist.

Bootscout was created in June 2017 as a project by its creator and current developer Jack Furby. The aim of the project is to create a freely available tool to make scout websites inline with the Scout brand guidelines while maintaining a clean interface. This is achieved with the use of Bootstrap (a framework for front end web development) and WordPress to make it accessible to others.

The team for Bootscout is currently just Jack although any additions or fixes are welcome through pull requests on GitHub.

Example sites