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Update 1.6.4

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This is an initial update to address changes in WordPress 5.8 and to add support for the new Widget Block editor. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated Gulp
  • Added theme.json
  • Added support for gradients
  • Added support for duotone
  • Added support for widget blocks

Update 1.6.3

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This is a minor update addressing bugs and initial support for WordPress 5.8. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated Bootstrap to 5.0.2
  • Removed unused enqueues
  • Fixed errors from being thrown if settings in theme-options were not set
  • Removed an unused function from theme-options
  • Fixed the issue #18
  • Disabled block widgets while full support for WordPress 5.8 is in development

Update 1.6.2

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This is a minor release to address a few feature requests. The full changes areas follows:

  • Removed the margin at the top of pages using the template No title template
  • Moved code for quick links to its own function (the end result for users has not changed)
  • Made featured images for blog post cards smaller.

Update 1.6.1

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A minor update to fix a bug causing the banner image on posts to be displayed twice.

Update 1.6

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This is a major update to the navigation bar for the theme. The update is not a drop-in update and will require a small change in theme options. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Added quick links (Facebook, twitter and OSM) to the navigation bar (can be enabled in theme options)
  • Redesigned the navigation bar to make better use of wider screens
  • Sidebar is now enabled instead of disabled (An update to the settings in theme options will need to be applied to existing themes updating to this version)
  • Replace Font Awesome icons with Bootstrap icons
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.0.1
  • Re-implemented how wide and full width blocks are displayed. This fixes a bug with fixed backgrounds not working
  • Updated a number of node packages for use with development

Update 1.5.1

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This release addresses a single issue where menus in menus were not able to open on small screens.

Update 1.5

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This is a major update to the theme which primarily updates the framework underlying the theme (Bootstrap) to version 5. This update is a drop-in replacement and does not require any major changes to a WordPress site using a previous version of Bootscout.

A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated to Bootstrap 5 and made dependency updates and style updates to support the update
  • Updated link style to be consistent with each other and fix a few known issues
  • Updated search widget to bring it back in alignment with navbar search
  • Added Scout section colour to theme
  • Removed extra elements from footer
  • Updated align-wide class to work better on smaller screens

Update 1.4.6

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Another minor update fixing various styling issues with the editor and live pages. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated gulp browser list (used to compile SCSS into CSS)
  • Removed menu links turning while on click
  • Fixed full width elements sometimes overflowing off the side of the page
  • Fixed text link colour change
  • Removed various additional margins from blocks
  • Moved SCSS file content for typography
  • Updated Bootstrap reboot for editor view and added this as a SCSS import

Update 1.4.5

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Minor update with a focus on making the editor look closer to live pages and posts. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Moved scss imports for editor css
  • Removed additional padding from columns
  • Updated background colour of editor to match live pages
  • Fixed max and wide width for objects in containers
  • Updated ini package (used for scss to css)

Update 1.4.4

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  • Fixed bugs stopping wide and full width from functioning
  • Removed banner from blog page index as it is not supported in standard WordPress