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Update 1.4.6

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Another minor update fixing various styling issues with the editor and live pages. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated gulp browser list (used to compile SCSS into CSS)
  • Removed menu links turning while on click
  • Fixed full width elements sometimes overflowing off the side of the page
  • Fixed text link colour change
  • Removed various additional margins from blocks
  • Moved SCSS file content for typography
  • Updated Bootstrap reboot for editor view and added this as a SCSS import

Update 1.4.5

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Minor update with a focus on making the editor look closer to live pages and posts. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Moved scss imports for editor css
  • Removed additional padding from columns
  • Updated background colour of editor to match live pages
  • Fixed max and wide width for objects in containers
  • Updated ini package (used for scss to css)

Update 1.4.4

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  • Fixed bugs stopping wide and full width from functioning
  • Removed banner from blog page index as it is not supported in standard WordPress

Update 1.4.3

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This is a minor release updating the version of Bootstrap and fixing a few bugs. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.5.2
  • Fixed a bug that changed the background colour in the page editor
  • Fixed a bug with background overlap in blog cards.

Update 1.4.2

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A minor updated fixing a few issues from the previous release. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated npm packages
  • Made tables slightly darker to improve visibility
  • Added more CSS classes to navbars for improved style targeting

Update 1.4.1

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This release fixes and improves the navbar to better support mobile devices and make it more intuitive to use. A full changelog is as follows:

  • Anchor tags (links within text) are coloured according to the navbar colour.
  • Added second navbar which replaces the original navbar on smaller devices
  • All menu navbar drop down menu expand on hover in the large navbar
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Update 1.4

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Version 1.4 is a small update mainly making development easier. A full list of changes is as follows:

  • Updated to B4st 3.0 (the base theme with which Bootscout was developed from)
  • Replaced CSS to SCSS
  • Updated broken hooks in the footer for and CEOP
  • Added Bootstrap CSS and js files to theme
  • Fixed a spacing issue with site brand in the navbar
  • Updated shadows throughout theme
  • Updated user created button to get darker on hover

Update 1.3.1

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This is a very small release that mainly targets bug fixes. Full changes are as follows:

  • Removed coloured heading and text
  • Fixed dropdown toggle not visible on light navbars

Update 1.3

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This update adds support for selecting the nav bar and footer colour. this can be configured within theme options. Full changes are as follows:

  • Fixed page pagination style bug
  • Minor layout bug fixes
  • Updated fontawesome to 5.12.0
  • Updated Bootstrap to 4.4.1
  • Updated modernizr to 3.5.0
  • Replaced screen_icon() and replaced get_current_theme() with wp_get_theme()
  • Nav bar now collapses on larger screen (makes it possible to add more menu items)
  • Added the ability to change the nav bar and footer colours
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Update 1.2.1

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Update 1.2.1 has been released. This is a minor update focusing on bugs. The full changelog is as follows:

  • Updated Bootscout logo
  • Updated navbar menu to support more than 1 depth for dropdown.
  • Removed unused assets
  • Various bug fixes